Monday, May 26, 2008

Trying to resart my blog

These googley people don't make it easy! My recent try at setting this up didn't work when I went back to write some more so had to do a new one. formerly Emma the Camping cat and also EmmaGandMe. So here I am just back from another camping trip. "Hiked" a lot this trip. At least it was a lot for me. We found deer and squirrels and maybe bear tracks. Spent some time rolling around in the dirt much to MM's dismay.

My favorite activity was laying on the big bed in the sun after breakfast. I also like to find all the hidey places like cabinets and under things and in the closet. About 3 am, I love to play "scratch the mattress" to wake MM and MD up to feed me or get water or just to play...oops! I went to far this time tho' and MM got a concussion when she hit a shelf trying to catch me. She's better now but still a little nuts!

Now it's time to hit the window shelf for my nap. Meeoowsy!