Monday, January 31, 2011


We got this award from Angel and Kirby Thank you.

1.Link to the blog who gave you the award.

2.Say 7 things about yourself that might not be public knowledge.

3. Pass this on to 7 blogs we think are stylish.

I also run from plastic bags.

Also don't like the sound of ice from the freezer.

Sometimes I get a little crazy and try to bite...sorry Mom.

I only like fish flavored food, and sometimes just the gravy.

When my litterbox needs cleaning, I tell MM loudly.

I also complain loudly when MM and DD have been gone from the house a while.

The only way I like to be held is sort of perched on or against MM's shoulder.

Am I too fussy?

Monday Before the Big Freeze

Tomorrow is supposed to get REALLY, REALLY COLD so MM layed in my supplies (and some of theirs too) 'cause we don't drive on ice! Hope everyone in the path of this cold stays in and keeps warm. The granddaughter of the family is in Denver where it is already -6*! Meeeooww!

My new job here is lap cat. I hadn't tried that before but it's pretty good.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I'm back after a brief break for the holidays. Today is a good day to sit in the sunlight and watch the squirrels in the yard. They have been running and digging all over our yard and the next one. It's very cold so we are staying in.
I've been playing with my ping pong ball and jingley ball, eating a little catnip, and chasing feather toys to keep busy between naps (in bed, of course). Now we will get busy catching up on all our floofy friends. Have a warm day!