Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hunting Wild Game

Yesterday I got to stalk a wild salamander (I think) in MM and MD's bedroom. We don't know how it got there but it's the second one in the last week that got into the house. Anyway, I pounced on that critter and chased it around the bed. It was very tiny but ferocious-well, sorta irritated maybe. But I got him! Grrrr

Monday, July 19, 2010

Maniac Monday

We haven't been online for a while. MM says we caught a virus and had to send the computers to the doctor to be debugged. Think she was going through withdrawall last week. But we are back! Today I am following MM around the house as she scoops out stuff and moves everything around. Seems we are having a big party soon for all the birthday beans in our family...a bunch! When she slows down, I play with my little white ball, and check out some of the things she has pulled out. At least she is home for a while. Too hot to go anywhere anyway. Stay cool, y'all.