Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wed.- got words...

So warm today. I want to play and run and nap in the sun.
Told MM all about it but she thought I was just bein' whiney! Oh, well, it was ok 'cause she gave me a good brushing and a cuddle.

Last week MM bought a new 'calming collar' for me to try when we have to ride in the car. Maybe it will make me feel better when I gotta ride. We will report on the results soon in case some other floofies want to try one during stressful times.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Little Nostalgia

Today MM has been sorting through some old photos and trying to clean out some stuff. I thought about helping but the window ledge called to me so after checking out how things were going, I decided to nap and enjoy the quiet. She interupted me to show me some pictures of my many floofies!! MM must be really OLD to have had so many kitties! And she says that's not all of them...just can't find pictures of them all. I can see in her eyes how much she loved them and misses each one so guess I'll cuddle her a little to make her feel better.

(these date from about 1958-1999)
Tammy and George, Cuddles, Princess, ZsaZsa, Sugar Pie, Mija, Dum-Dum I & II, Spooky, Tiger, Miss Kitty, Cherbono, Pajorige...not necessarily in that order. My beautiful babies!!mm