Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wonky Week

The birds have been singing and squawking and flying all over our backyard this week. Such pretty red birds...can't I go play with them? But in spite of the nice sunshine and breeze and flowers I am just feeling lethargic and floppy. Yesterday I slept most of the day in my condo in the back room. Today I'm in my condo in the bathroom by the window. But it's a funny window...light comes in but I can't see out!

MM put up a feeder with red stuff in it outside my kitchen window to attract a little bird that "Hums". Saw one of them as it flew through quickly but that's all. Maybe I scared it by lying in the window watching.

No lizards in the last few days. Pretty sure they got tired of us hunting for them on the side of the house. But they gotta come out sometime, don't they?

Well, that's all the energy I have so am going to stop and go lie down for a while somewhere. Mreowr to all my floofies!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Last Wednesday

Just got around to my blogging stuff after a busy week. After hunting lizards the other day we decided that I should take a nap while MM did some catching up with her facebook peoples and other things. Instead of napping I decided to help her 'cause her desk was so full of papers and messy things. Like a good floofy I just plopped myself in the middle of it all and starting pushing and pulling until it was all cleared off! I even had to bite some of it to get it off. You shoulda' heard MM! She cracked up! I'm such a good helper!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Funky Friday

Lizards are back and I have seen them! They like to sun on the back of our house so MM takes me lizard hunting everyday. She even touched one but he ran faster than us and tried to run across the window. That didn't work so well and he fell into the weeds. Out there in the yard scares me so I have to hang onto MM neck while she does the leg work. Don't know why that scares me but hiking in the woods doesn't.
Lots of my birdie friends have been singing again especially a little brown one. He chirps at me a lot when I sit at the back door.

We have kind of been blue lately so haven't written too much but it's so pretty now we should be feeling better. Now if the wind will just quit blowing so hard.

That's about it for now. Gotta nag MM to go outside for a little while again. Then maybe nap or maybe play with my meeoouse.