Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Torpid Tuesday??

Yeah, I looked in the Thesaurus for that word...torpid!! Funny word. Like 'tupid?
Today is just hot and lazy. MM and I played soccer for a little while in the kitchen. Would you believe I hit one into the trash basket? Yay, I win!
Now it's naptime again after I nag a little bit.

MM and I also want to remember a precious floofy who was part of a friend's family. Tobey passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Aug. 7 leaving behind best buddie, Chloe, and 2 new siblings and family.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Somethin's going on around here and I'm gettin veerrry suspicious. MM has been agitated and distracted about a trip, and I heard them say something about "boarding" me....? What does that mean? Then MM started talking about maybe someone "sitting" with me?? But she can't seem to decide what to do. I think part of her problem (and mine) is that we suffer from separation anxiety. I DO NOT like her to be away from me and I sure don't like the sound of boarding and sitting. Do any of my floofy friends know about this stuff?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Something to make you laugh at my Grandma bean with her and her friend's funny toes. Maybe I should get MM to paint my toes!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday after the BIG PARTY

Yesterday MM and MD let all the other people in the family come into our house, and I was not very happy about the whole thing. After inspecting some of the shoes for odd smells, I just left and stayed upstairs for most of their "party". Some party...I didn't git nuttin' but a lot of noisy beans and aggravation. Hmphhht! Once during all the caterwauling I did come down to check things out just to see if the situation had improved any. I got a few pats on the head and chewed on some ribbon and stuff, but then decided to just go back and nap some more.

After most of the family left, MM came upstairs to find me (in MD's closet) so I could have my dinner. These family "birthday" things just get way out of control. Got to keep it peaceful around here. And the cat should always get some goodies just 'cause we put up with this stuff!