Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The very long camping trip

My family finally decided to get out of the city again and we headed to the mountains of Colorado for 2 long weeks. I was happy to be going but hate that drive. I tried to keep myself all together but still had a few "upsets" before we got to our mountain. That is the best place I've ever been to...lots of trees and dirt and rocks and all my animal friends. MM and I went hiking every day. Sometimes she carries me, sometimes I walk on my leash. And it is always fun. If she doesn't take me, I meeoow till she gives in. There are deer-big fuzzy animals with great big ears and eyes, funny squirrels with tufted ears, and a chipmunk family that I can see out our window. I have also heard talk of some animal called a bear but we haven't seen any up close in our area. MM and MD have seen footprints though. And once we saw a kind of big cat sort of like me only it wasn't too friendly ...just curious. Think they called it a bobcat.

While we hiked I got to taste the grass along the way, and roll in the dirt which is great fun. I had to watch out for a big bird that kept hanging around. It was called a hawk. And this time I even got to climb in a tree which was exciting. They are sort of like my cat condos at home only a little bit rough.

After my hikes I usually cleaned up a bit then took a good nap in the sun. And that sounds like a good idea right now, too, so I'll sign off till next time.

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