Friday, November 14, 2008

Fall has fell

Life is perfectly grand this week! Doors open, windows open, and my lizard has been sunning right outside my window. And oh, yes, I caught a little bitty lizard in the house, too, so am keeping us safe from lizard invasions. I also found a moth to play with but that didn't last long as they tend to fall apart and get stuff all over my paws.

Two nights ago a strange visitor showed up at my back door and he made an awful racket so I got all set for a fight but MD closed the door! Took a while to get my fur to lay back down, and to destress! Barky, whiney old thing just got me riled.

It's time to find a sunny spot and stand guard for a while. Meeooww till next time.

1 comment:

Katie and Da Katz said...

concatulashuns on being a good watch kitty!!! noh morh lizard invasionz!!
-Katie Too

ummm Mawmee whats a lizard? kins we plays wif dem?
-Bootsie Woo.