Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Being cute

This week is my "being so cute" week...MM can just hardly stand it!! There are so many poses and expressions to use...which one shall I choose? Sometimes she can't contain herself and just has to cuddle me but on MY terms! On the bed this morning I curled up in a furry ball right next to her so, of course, she didn't want to move and upset our cuddle-time. Right now I'm just going to think about what to do next. Any suggestions?? New cuteness ideas are always welcome.


The Creek Cats said...

Emmy, do you know how to roll over? That scores major cuteness points with our mom.
But, we don't think you need any tips for being cute...... your as cute as cute can be!

Angel said...

I think you know all teh cuteness tricks!

Karen Jo said...

I think you are doing a good job of being cute all on your own.