Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Trippin' Tuesday

Today was the test run for my new Calming Collar. Don't know how calm I was going to see my kitty doctor tho'. I voiced my displeasure all the way there for all the good it did. Once we got there, I moved to the very back of my carrier and stayed there as long as I could. The doctor's assistant weighed me, poked me, and stuck me...reeoww! Then she announced that I am now a 'mature cat'. Excuse me? MM was no help at all. She said that we could be old ladies together! Purrlease! I am NOT old. Of all the nerve.

I was quiet going home and very happy to find a nice spot at home where I could think this over and regain some feline dignity. (And watch for my lizard in the sunlight.)


The Creek Cats said...

No, you're not old, Emmy! We are so glad to hear your vet check up went well!!!

Angel and Kirby said...

that is a cool calming collar. Kirby's is purple and looks like an old fashion flea collar.

We are glad you are all checked out. but er don't think you are old!

Tuck said...

Emmy, I hide in the back of my carrier too...us gray Tabbys are just alike! I don't think you are old!!

Angel and Kirby said...

Thank you so much for your words of comfort in our time of loss. It means a lot to have friends like you! Nan