Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Having a lazy morning just napping, bathing, and watching MM. She did something to me...took an old wet cloth and rubbed it all over me! The indignity of it! Now I have to start my bath all over again. And she's talking 'mani-pedi'...what the heck is that?

There is some bad weather on it's way and maybe more lightening and thunder so I have to find a nice safe place to spend the afternoon/evening. Right now the air is very heavy and cloudy-yuck! Well, here she comes with the clippers so it's time to head for my hideaway. Later!


Mr Puddy said...

You are smart ! Stay warm and stay safe !

Anonymous said...

The nerve of her rubbing that cloth all over you and you having to bathe again. Stay safe and we hope your weather does not get real bad. We have weather coming to our area too. Hugs and nose kisses

Angel and Kirby said...

'/::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::I guess Angel wanted to say something!

We hope you did not have any bad bad weather.

Anonymous said...

You are so sweet to visit our blog. Sorry you have to take your bath all over again...we don't like Mumsy doin that to us either, but Chancy loves it...guess it's a dog thing. Hugs and nose kisses