Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wonky Week

The birds have been singing and squawking and flying all over our backyard this week. Such pretty red birds...can't I go play with them? But in spite of the nice sunshine and breeze and flowers I am just feeling lethargic and floppy. Yesterday I slept most of the day in my condo in the back room. Today I'm in my condo in the bathroom by the window. But it's a funny window...light comes in but I can't see out!

MM put up a feeder with red stuff in it outside my kitchen window to attract a little bird that "Hums". Saw one of them as it flew through quickly but that's all. Maybe I scared it by lying in the window watching.

No lizards in the last few days. Pretty sure they got tired of us hunting for them on the side of the house. But they gotta come out sometime, don't they?

Well, that's all the energy I have so am going to stop and go lie down for a while somewhere. Mreowr to all my floofies!


The Creek Cats said...

Sorry you are feeling low on energy and lethargic, Emmy! We are sending you energy vibes to make you feel better!!

Angel said...

We understand the low energy. Mom is calling it Spring fever!Good to see you back!