Saturday, April 11, 2009

Last Wednesday

Just got around to my blogging stuff after a busy week. After hunting lizards the other day we decided that I should take a nap while MM did some catching up with her facebook peoples and other things. Instead of napping I decided to help her 'cause her desk was so full of papers and messy things. Like a good floofy I just plopped myself in the middle of it all and starting pushing and pulling until it was all cleared off! I even had to bite some of it to get it off. You shoulda' heard MM! She cracked up! I'm such a good helper!


Angel said...

You are a good kitty, helping Mom. Kirby does that too. That is when she calls him Pest!

The Creek Cats said...

Hey, you should come over and help our momma with her desk. You are such a great helper, Emmy!