Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

Mweowee! ? The days have just slipped by and I haven't done much of nuttin' still. It's just TOOOO hot! I sit by the window some but must get up and move to a cooler spot occasionally but with great effort. MM and MD go out and come back complaining about the heat and they are all sweaty. IcK. So why do they bother to go outside anyway? Stay here with me and we can nap in the cool.

There was a little excitement Wed. evening in our backyard. 2 furry little critters were wandering around eating leaves and surveying our yard while MM and MD went nuts getting their cameras going...more pictures. I heard them say the critters were "kits", not kittens...but fox babies. They were a little smaller than me and I must admit they were pretty cute. However, I didn't care to go out to meet them. Just watched from the windows. We're in the suburbs and don't see foxes here altho' we have had possums, raccoons, rabbits and skunks but not often. Kind of a nice break in the evening schedule.

Time to nap again before dinner so stay cool this next week, floofies, and watch out for critters.


Anonymous said...

We have a great big fox in our neighborhood! We call him Mr. Fox:) We think that he lives down by our creek, because he always comes from that direction.

Angel and Kirby said...

It is neat to see wild life close to home!

Tuck said...

Cool! I have squirrels that live outside my window. And I keep hearing rumors about groundhogs but I haven't seen them yet!