Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Toasty Tuesday

It's just too hot to do anything today, and I haven't been doin' much for the last week or so either. MM has been in and out with her stuff so I just been lonely a lot. Questions she is wrestling with...should kitties be adopted in pairs? Are we happier with a floofy buddy? I'm about 6 1/2 years old and have not shown a great deal of tolerance for visiting floofies...would I adapt to another kitty if it was introduced properly? Maybe my blogging friends can get their beans to answer these nagging questions. Then tell us how to get MD to agree to another pretty kitty! Thanks much to all for suggestions, answers, etc.


The Creek Cats said...

Hi Emmy and MM! We can only tell you what has worked for us and keep in mind there are 6 of us and there have been several fosters and visiting floofies. We might not all be best bud, but we do tolerate one another pretty well.
Anytime our mom has brought a new floofy furriend into the house, she puts them in the spare room with all the amenities (litter box, food, etc) for about 2 weeks before introducing us. That way we can smell one another, play with paws under the door and get used to the idea that another kitty is in the house. The introductions are slow after that and if things didn't go well, the new floofy went back into the room where it could feel safe. Something that helps calm kitties during these situations is a Feliway diffuser.
Hope this helps and we hope you get a new floofy buddy, Emmy!!!

Angel and Kirby said...

We were concerned when Angel appeared at our door step that Wizard would not accept her. He did and loved her very much. Then when he was gone we thought another kitty would help her calm down and be more social. It has helped, but he has become a little aggressive and they end up fighting. But then , they sleep on the bed together. So it is hard to tell. Both have tolerated Illyana very well. Not all kitties get along. We did the separate room thing too.

Tuck said...

I'm not sure Emmy. I'm an only cat at the moment. My mom wants to get me a brother, but dad says not while we are in an apartment.

Anonymous said...

I really don't care for Crikey much at all! Let's just say that I tolerate him. Of course, I was already nine years old when he came to live with me. ~Tristan