Monday, September 14, 2009

Misty Monday

I got up at my usual time this morning when MD came downstairs to get me and the paper. Ran upstairs to tell MM all about my night and get headrubs and tummy rubs. Also she has to fill my upstairs waterbowl. Outside it was quiet and no rain! But by afternoon the monsoon had started up again. MM was out buying stinky good stuff and salmon snacks all afternoon. (where does she go to get this stuff?) I've been playing with my mice more lately to fill up the time, and one of my favorite things to do...rub and nuzzle my own personal deer antler that MD found a long time ago.

Late this afternoon I had to remind MM that it was CLEAN OUT THE LITTERBOX time, please!! Boy, our people do tend to forget sometimes.

But all was forgiven when she dished up the stinky good stuff. MMMM Now I want her to sit down so we can cuddle a little so guess I'll sign off. Till tomorrow...meerowwww!


Angel and Kirby said...

Emmy, we are tired of the rain, too. Dad tried changing our litter the Worlds Greatest litter. We like it in one box where we pee but we do not like it in the other one where we poop.

The Creek Cats said...

Stinky goodness makes everything all better!